URGENT: Tell the City Council TODAY to Slow Down and Reconsider the Plan to Destroy the City’s Commercial Waste Services Industry
STOP Intro 1574-TODAY!
Early this week the City Council will consider Intro 1574-A that would eliminate New York City's successful open-market system for managing commercial waste, recycling and organics.
Instead, the City wants to take over the commercial waste system; it would create twenty “zones”, and pick just one or two companies to provide waste collection services in each zone.

Sooner or later, just two companies could control the entire city, destroying an industry with decades of proud and responsible service to keeping New York City clean and its businesses well-served.
Dozens of companies could be forced out of business, with hundreds of workers affected. 12,000 tons of trash, recyclables and organics would be up for grabs.
The Impact Would Be Severe for the City
  • Businesses could not pick the waste services company that best meets its
    needs – losing choice and the benefits of competition
  • Prices will spike because of the city-controlled monopoly
  • Lack of competition will reduce service quality
  • Local jobs and companies will be destroyed
  • The City will control the new system, creating a new bureaucracy
A new zone system in Los Angeles is failing; illegal dumping is now a huge problem.
You can make a difference! Send this message to your City
Councilmember today!