Tell City Council To Keep their Hands Off Commercial Waste
STOP Intro 1574
SUPPORT Intro 996
Proposed legislation (Intro 1574) would eliminate New York City's successful open-market system for managing commercial waste, recycling and organics.
Intro 1574 would create twenty zones; the City would pick just one waste service provider (private carters) to be the only company in each zone.
Just two companies could control the entire city.
The Impact
  • Businesses cannot pick the carter that best meets their needs
  • Prices will skyrocket because of the city-controlled monopoly
  • Lack of competition will reduce service quality
  • Local jobs and companies will be destroyed
  • The City will control the new system
A new zone system in Los Angeles is failing; illegal dumping is now a huge problem.
INTRO 996 is BETTER:  it would improve the commercial waste industry while maintaining the open-market system of choice, competition, good service and prices.